ONRS - EP 346 - Chicken Wings in the yard

Welcome to another edition of the ONRS. We welcome you with open arms to the shit ship. Its Owen, Ty And Mikey B once again discussing the finer points of life, love and loss. Such as Upper Crack Butt Hair...

We do totally get serious though and talk about ancient aliens amongst other life changing topics such as:

-Disposing of chicken wing bones in the yard

-Tree removal

-Trimming your beard with your airpods in

-The Angel trumpet

-and once again upper butt crack hair.


Clips is majestic as always. (Links tomo) Mikey is eating McDonalds, and Ty is mad that Twitch stole his name.

Big news on this show, listen for quite the announcement.

Lots of love, FYD and EABOD



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