ONRS - EP 482 - Good Deeds and Danny Devito

Onrs - 2-4-21 -EP482 - Good Deeds and Danny Devito


Danny de Vito favorite movie : Renaissance Man


Goat cheese in beard


Good deed of the year, delivering someone’s mail. Ring camera, mailbox flag up, might get shot.


Mr good deeds, closed and took in my neighbors trash cans as it looked like it was going to rain


Good deed, picked up trash and sticks in the street


Space x launch, had to tell neighbors they were looking In the wrong direction


Would you rather have a super smart or super dumb pet?


Son of clips / owen gets drunk and talks about clips or just let’s videos play


Pretty sure I need a vacation again


Nullo (body modification) no nipples


Papaya tree and the crazy neighbor


Solar snake repellent 


Son of clips video


Casting couch - animated cartoons in live action




Family guy

Rick and Morty but not back to the future

Aqua teen hunger force








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