ONRS - EP 487 - Dick Appropriation

Onrs - 3-11-21 - EP 487 - Dick Appropriation


Racoon sharpening nails on clothesline pole


Overweight 7-11 clerk brags about doing her first eating competition


Did you use to play dead arm/ dead leg ?

Stupid kid games


The funny bone is stupid


Would owen be a good tour guide?


Taking ginger to the vet/ light on counter bummer me out, take that shit down


Everytime I see a light up dog leash I feel like I’m living in the future


I judge people for driving certain cars :

Shoebox cars, matrix’s, Prius, volt, dart


Stranger at 1 am says arent we all so lucky?


People think I’d make the best drag queen


Female birth control squirt


Mike B’s Helicopter Story


Johnny Moonbag Reviews


Casting couch - royal family


Princess Diana

Prince William

Prince Charles

Prince Harry

The queen

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