ONRS - EP 490 - Kevin Bacon is Better than Dennis Quaid

Onrs - 4-1-21

Do you think wrestlers have role play sex as the gimmick?

Favorite video game songs: taxi drivers must die

App that makes you trip: lumenate

Dennis quaid < kevin bacon

No Santana since Sunday, but now we get to hear the Hispanic woman on her phone bitching about her boyfriend.

Do you like getting high and watching drug lord documentaries? El chapo tunnels are cool.

Do you get mad when people guess their presents?

Digital picture frames are weird, they make you want to constantly change the series of photos because you can, but if it was one photo on A desk you wouldn’t think about it.

Don’t post your vaccine cards you idiots


Casting couch Recast the cartoon Doug / but it’s an adult Live action movie


Ah real monsters






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