ONRS - EP 497 - Cane Fu, Agro Hospitals and Ty’s Sister

Onrs - 5-20-21

Owen goes to st pete

First thoughts/ intimidating/ everyone looks hot

St pete is hipster Tampa

Artesianal pizza beer place

Air bnb 

The pool

Next day pool is / way cold / no balcony/ don’t use the dishwasher

Met with Travis

4 daughters brewing

Trolly/ old man tour

Art stores / feeling like you’re going to destroy everything by accident

Milk road

Going out at night for a beer at a bar and getting hit on. Lewis the dog and Travis are chick magnets

Putting sun tan lotion in my beard.

Hangover. Beach. Feeling like shit and going home. Then having to clean the house.

Does ginger puke because we’re here?

Have you ever used viagra for fun?

The hall of fame

Are we nerds for going to the historical museum?

New segment

What would you make out of Lego if there was an Orlando Lego set?

Lego set of your life?

-what would make a good Lego set?


-hulk coaster

-eola fountain

-Epcot ball


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