ONRS - EP 502 - Foot Deodorant and Asshole Autistic People

Onrs - 6-27-21 Owens experience back at work
-loved it
-except for security and one guy
Foot deodorant
Wrecker trucks always look like they are caring Jesus on a cross
We have this vision of tattooed guys being super tough, but Are tattooed people a bit more girly as they are decorators A lot of heavy music is about heartbreak / in touch with feelings
I have heard rumors that nurses like to bone. -mark hales (how many chicks has mark boned)?
Vin diesel want to make a fast and the furious musical
So where do we stand on autistic people in jobs and being Dick heads?
Lightning win/ staying up all night, washing cars at 6:00am
Casting couch/ biopics Meatloaf/ Jack black Henry Rollins Tony hawk Wayne Gretzky Anthony Bourdain
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