ONRS - EP 504 - If I was a dictator and Coke Daniels

If I was a dictator
- stop having crossing guards. Kids need to be smarter
-pressure washer mandates
-free lawn care/ I didn’t ask for this grass.
Recycling nazis. Labels on the cans
  • someone from the government is looking at my trash and making notes
Mike huckabee on Christians and Jews
The guy from the future
England and Tampa bay win
Laser in the eyes of Denmark’s goalie 
Owens plumbing experience
Chinese albino kids
People that put climbing walls in there houses need to calm down 
Unnecessary things in people’s houses 
Ginger the cat smells like butt
Are dowsing rods/ divining rods bullshit?
Owens job keeps moving the smoking sections 
Casting couch - American gladiators
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