ONRS - EP 508 - Shoomy Boners

Onrs -8-5-21

Guy tries to kick car after crossing the road incorrectly
Buying new wipers/ game changer
Trying viagra / microdosing same time
First buccees experience
Owen gets rid of a big chair
Promote samantics
Does your significant other always seem to be using the bathroom when you need to go?
Dumb yelling woman at the wrestling show
Taking a no mask risk
Mikey rips his pants
Jumping Jack flash - Duncan’s dog
Piss bottle in the road
Owens beer coaster marketing idea
Is the i4 eyesore Orlando’s version of blucifer in Denver. Why are the lights on?
White claw packing problems
Upside down lime
Verses space jam loony tunes
Bugs bunny vs taz
Marvin the Martian v Daffy Duck
Porky pig v wile e coyote
Pepe le pew v road runner





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