ONRS - EP481 - Creaming my jeans for Conway

Onrs -1-28-21 TIL that lobsters pee from their face and will squirt pee at each other to communicate.

What if humans peed from faces?

My depression.———————

Playing my ps3 with T, nhl 15- NHL 94 controls

Girls peeing is grosser sounding than guys. Hard stance.

I hate my papaya tree so much

The Shame of applying for and using an EBT card

Is Ted bundy good looking?

Random Denny’s order

It sucks that my pillow guy is a fuckhead, I actually like the pillow.

Weighted blankets hold in farts

Conway Twitty is creepy

Ted Cruz has a shitty beard

Weed Stems in pistachios

Tiny bags in Sanford

Throwing shoes in dreams

Matthews Sea Urchins

Alexander the Grape

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