ONRS - Episode 201 - The Killer Robots

Tonight its the usual crew, Owen Ty and Tom, but we are welcomed by some robots who were traveling through space on a beer run and happened to crash land here on planet earth. The Killer Robots join us in efforts of promoting there band and movies so they can gain enough funds to fix there space ship and get back home. To find all things KILLER ROBOTS please visit there website over at www.killerrobots.tv.

The Robots tell us a bit about there experiences and gigs here on Earth, tell us about the Dumpster Muster, meeting Gene Simmons, and even stick around to enjoy the trappings of a normal ohnoradioshow.
We talk about a brawl at Publix, The Carts of Darkness, Ty Puking, the Jerry Drive and even get into North Korea’s favorite new band: Laibach. 
Tonight is full of tons of Clips, Products, Robots, and tons of fun. We hope you enjoy, 

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