ONRS - Farts in the shower and CLIPS

ONRS- Farts In the shower

We open the show with a bit of inside talk involving the recent developments to the Scumbag Studios. Duncan recounts last weeks show and his experience dealing with a pre show stressed out monster of an Owen. 

Before i get too far in this show description, i must apologize for the sub par audio quality in the first 20 min of show this week. Please understand we have made a lot of changes in the last week that will take a show or two to dial in but will ultimately be for the greater good. We call this a Scumbag Period. Just stick with it folks as big things are happening including a new website and MERCH! Which we hope you will get behind and buy. 


The boys toy with the future of the ONRS and its current theme song, watch a yellow dinosaur save children from rape and get really into fart talk. Randy Quaid debuts this evenings CLIPS! We dive into a little ASMR Autonomous sensory meridian response...BrainGasms. Owen pretends to know about Clotted Cream as the resident Brit, but none of us are exactly sure what it is.

We thank Mark Hales of Waxing Lyrical for leaving us a voicemail and our friend Bender for giving us a ring. Before break Ty gets into some dangerous territory.

The second segment starts because people were talking about terrible tv shows on break... 
Everyone but Owen has seen "Buffy the Movie". Is the pee wee movie happening?

Movie talk. Discovering movies way after the fact. Ancient Aliens might be real. We talk a lot about Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and his early years. Owen lets everyone down.

Of Course theres some PRODUCTS! but we make you wait till the end.

If you'd like to check out all the clips on tonights show, check out this youtube playlist that includes them all... 
No particular order: 

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