ONRS - Lizard as Fuck and Art stuff

On tonights show its the usual crew of degenerates joined by two very special guests who try and enlighten the guys in the wide world of art. In studio tonight we have both Thom Solo (www.thomsoloart.com) and Donia of (artattacksonline.com). We have fun discussing what qualifies as art or not and even take a quiz to see if we can guess whether a piece of art is either modern or toddler art. Ty translates some alien lizard talk for us, we get vegan as fuck and check out one of Vince Mcmahon's feuds with Donald Trump. 

Owen recounts another tale of the bathroom bandit (a guy he works with that refuses to lock the bathroom door when using it), we discuss the electric fork, and even bash on the eagles.
Its a high energy show thats off the rails from almost the get go. We hope you enjoy. 
Make sure to go check out the opening of the new downtown location of SNAP! Orlando, Thursday the 21st of Jan, at 7:00pm at 420 E. Church St. Orlando, Fl 32801
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