ONRS presents Smells Like Quarantine Spirit Episode 3


Well, well, well another week (which feels like a year) has come and gone which means it's time to join us for some inspiration and jaded hope over on the newest episode of Smells Like Quarantine Spirit! One this episode Tom and Kath dive into the latest in Corona Virus news (which as of late has all been bad news so don't expect any uplifting shit), they discuss their slow descent into madness while in quarantine, talk about Tiger King and how really awful Joe Exotic is even though he is a modern day national treasure, deep dive into the new "wearing masks in public" phase America is slowly entering into and get into feeling on religious social gatherings and play a little card game. Enjoy and wash those mother fucking hands people.

CLIPS Played (or talked about on today's episode)

INTRO SONG - Stay the fuck at home by rekording

TIK TOK Video Kath Talks about 

OUTRO SONG - Daddy - CORONA (feat. Ben Ramazini)



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