ONRS presents Smells Like Quarantine Spirit Episode 4


Hello brothers and sisters in isolation! We are back on the air waves once again confined in our self quarantine to bring you yet another episode. On this episode Tom and Kath get into the dismal updates of the Covid-19 pandemic (uplifting as usual), Recap Tom's 38th Birthday celebration over the weekend in shelter, discuss their recent nap schedules, Talk about their "being healthy" tips including Tom trying out powdered Vitamin C and almost shitting himself, Review some movies and Tv shows they have been entertaining themselves with (The Jesus Rolls, Downhill, Killing Eve and Better Call Saul to name a few), touch on some around the house menial tasks and chores they've gotten done while round it off with a quick questions session from Table Topics. So dig in, enjoy and always remember to wash your god damn hands, don't touch your friction' faces and stay safe out there people! 

CLIPS and THINGS played or talked about on today's episode:

INTRO SONG - Stayin' Inside by Brent McCollough

OUTRO SONG - Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

TABLE TOPICS - Couples Game Played at the end of the show

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