ONRS - Scott Stapp, John Daker and the Mark of the Beast

Tonights normal Thursday show did not air this week due to the festivities of Turkey day in America. Instead we do the show a day late this week with a stripped back cast to make sure we give you your weekly show. 

It Owen, Ty and longtime friend of the show gay Ian in studio who are all stuffed from eating holiday leftovers. We talk about Scott Stapp's recent meltdown, discover the worlds greatest vocalist John Daker and see a piece of technology that might be the Mark of the Beast.
As always we take a look at some products including JAnimalsBig Mouth Masks and Liftys the invisible bra. Later we discuss a boxing match with aging Hollywood star Mickey Rourke and a man 33 years his junior which many are calling a hoax in the name of Russian Propaganda.
We take a call from our Scumbag on the Road Duncan and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Eat a bag of dicks
-Oh No Radio Show

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