ONRS - Tenacious Etchie, Owl Capone and Aggressive Filth

So tonights show was probably a much different experience than you loving scumbags are used to. As mentioned in the last show, Tom and Duncan are out of town on money making scams whilst promoting the Ohno lifestyle. In there absence our podcasting brother Etchie from Answer Pants (www.rampantradio.com) does his best to fill the scummy void. Before long Etchie and our other friend in studio "Christian the Scumbag of the Gay's" take the show in extremely nerdy directions even involving Tenacious D. Owen tells us a tale of a park with killer owls that are attacking joggers and before you know it we get into some CLIPS!

some science guy does some weed and gets an mri, afroman punches out a woman, and some new police training technology. Vanilla ice gets busted, we learn about THUNDER SNOW, and get into some delightful cum recipes. 
We also take a min to promote our newest sponsors the Bug-A-Salt for there recent partnership with the show. www.bugasalt.com
We eventually get to some "products" and even take a call from our good friend Duncan not before nerding out about 100 more times before ending the show.  
As always "Eat a Bag of Dicks"

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