Something Dreadful - Season 3 - Episode 1

Welcome to a new, OLD project from the annals of OHNO history, SOMETHING DREADFUL. Something Dreadful was introduced in 2014 when the Oh No Radio Show was still a baby by Owen and original ONRS crew member Duncan. SD was spawned as the slightly more serious and heavy side of the ONRS universe and served as a method of Owen and Duncan getting out their "Secret Feelings" as the show was later monickered by Ty.

Over time the shrink sessions with each other birthed way to Owen and Duncan's more prized hobbie WRESTLING. As our late night conversations delved more and more into the squared circle we chose to abandon our mental health and feelings for something a little more light. 

Well, Life goes on, and times get tough, and its nice to have a friend to talk to about more than superkicks and sharpshooters, so WEVE DECIDED TO RESURRECT THE BEAST and present to you:

Something Dreadful - Season 3

Presented by the Oh No Radio Show

for the first time on the ONRS RSS FEED

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