The Earful Episode 18


Welcome everyone to THE EARFUL, a delicious piece of new content from the minds over at the OH NO RADIO SHOW. This bonus show will feature a countdown of songs we have been enjoying within our ONRS community giving you all a taste of musical variety and maybe even turning you onto to something you'll like! We hope to do these shows often and would love your feedback and input as well on what we should be listening to. This episode marks are first remote episode! So please bear with our technical issues and eventually we will get this down to a prefect science! So have those ID's handy cause we're are making sure you're allowed to Jam Earful 18: Barely Legal. Get it!

Tracks played on this episode of The EARFUL:

Top of the show - “Dye Nasty” by Shit Hot Soundsystem - off Saturday EP - 2015

Music Producer from Essex, England 

1 - Sotomayor  - “Africa” -  off Conquistador - 2017

Sotomayor is the electronic music project with Latin American influence by siblings Raul and Paulina Sotomayor. It is a dance music project that rescues rhythms like cumbia and peruvian "chicha" and fuses them with cutting edge beats.

2 -Gold Fir - “Night Walk” - off Night Walk Single- 2017

Gold Fir is the dreamy new musical duo, simply known as Mabel and James. Not ones to reveal a lot about themselves (they're both from London), the long-time friends formed when they realised they shared the same musical taste and song-writing sensibilities

3- Hippie Sabotage -  “Drifter” - off Drifter - 2017

Hippie Sabotage is a Sacramento, CA EDM duo, composed of brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer.

4-  Harts -  “Fear in Me” off Smoke Fire Hope Desire - 2016

Darren Hart better known as Harts, is a musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer from Melbourne, Australia. He composes, produces and records his own music in his bedroom studio. Harts' music has been described as dance-oriented alternative rock and electronic indie, blending elements of funkpost-discopsychedelic rock, soul, new romanticism, and blues.

5- The Hundred In The Hands- “Red Eyes Rising” - off Love in the Black Stack- 2017

The Hundred in the Hands is an American electronic music duo from Brooklyn, New York City, formed in 2008. The band consists of Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman.

6- Childhood- “Californian Light” - off Universal High - 2017

Childhood are an English rock band formed in 2010 in Nottingham by South Londoners Ben Romans-Hopcraft and Leo Dobsen while studying at the University of Nottingham. The duo first gained attention after uploading a couple of demos online.

7- A Place To Bury Strangers - “Straight” - off Transfixiation - 2015

A Place to Bury Strangers are a New York City–based American noise rock band, composed of Oliver Ackermann, Dion Lunadon and Lia Simone Braswell.

8- WEIRDO + CO - “Heartbreaker” off Heartbreaker Single - 2017

Trio of indie pop makers, based in Berlin

9- Holy Fuck - “Chains” - off Bird Brains EP - 2017

Holy Fuck is a Canadian electronica band from Toronto. They were a part of Dependent Music, a music label and artist collective that began in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 2004 until its closing

10-Blood Cultures - “phospholipid” - off Happy Birthday - 2017

New Jersey’s cryptic new electronic solo artist, Blood Cultures, has emerged into the local scene with a seductive and well thought-out debut single, titled “Indian Summer.” Although a biography is not provided online, and the one picture available conceals the musician's face, there's obviously something humble about this music

11 -Arcade Fire-  “Signs of Life” off Everything Now - 2017

Arcade Fire are a Canadian indie rock band based in Montreal, Quebec, consisting of husband and wife Win Butler and Régine Chassagne, along with Win's younger brother William Butler, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury and Jeremy Gara.

12 - Blonde - “All Cried Out (feat. Alex Newell)” off All Cried Out EP- 2015

Blonde are an English deep house production duo from Bristol, consisting of Jacob Manson and Adam Englefield.


So our sponsors demanded we come up with a new segment so we did! Under The Covers pits the original performer of the song off against the artist who covered the same song. Who did it better? We discuss….

SONG CHOICE -  “Come as You Are” by Nirvana


COVER by Bebo best & The Super Lounge Orchestra

Make sure to check out all the past episodes of THE EARFUL over at OUR PAGE RIGHT HERE! Stay tuned for future episodes and make sure to check out these artists online if you liked any of the tracks you heard on today's show. Also if there are songs, artists or albums you think we should be listening to please leave them in the comments!


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