The Earful Episode 2


Welcome everyone to THE EARFUL, a delicious piece of new content from the minds over at the OH NO RADIO SHOW. This bonus show will feature a countdown of songs we have been enjoying within our ONRS community giving you all a taste of musical variety and maybe even turning you onto to something you'll like! We hope to do these shows often and would love your feedback and input as well on what we should be listening to. So let's roll out volume 2!

Tracks played on this episode of The EARFUL:

Top of the show - “Cloud 9” - Jamiroquai - Automaton - 2017

RIP - founding member and Keyboardist Toby Smith who died recorded the band's first 5 albums between 1992 and 2002 was a pinnacle addition to the groups sound.

1 - Dr.Dog- “Ladada” -  off  Abandoned Mansion  - 2017

Dr. Dog is an American rock band from West Grove, Pennsylvania, United States. Its lineup consists of Toby Leaman, Scott McMicken, Frank McElroy, Zach Miller, and Eric Slick.

2 - Cold Beat- “Outrunning Shadows” - off  Into the Air - 2015

Cold Beat is Hannah Lew, bassist and co-songwriter of the band Grass Widow. It’s the fully expressed voice and emotions of one person, versus the harmonic and lock-step declarations of three women.

3- The Brand New Heavies- “Soul Flower” off  Heavy Rhyme Experience - 1992

The Brand New Heavies are an acid jazz and funk group formed in 1985 in Ealing in west London.

4- All Them Witches - “3-5-7” off  Sleeping Through The War  - 2017

All Them Witches are an American rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. The band consists of drummer Robby Staebler, vocalist, bassist, and guitarist Charles Michael Parks, Jr., guitarist Ben McLeod, and keyboardist and violinist Allan Van Cleave.

5- Late Of The Pier -“The Bears Are Coming” - off Fantasy Black Channel - 2008

Late of the Pier were a four-piece dance-punk band from Castle Donington, England, signed to Parlophone. Their debut album Fantasy Black Channel was released in August 2008

6-Urbs & Cutex- “Won’t Stop” - off  Breaks Of Dawn - 2002

Hip-hop/rap group

7-Soulwax - “Masterplanned” - off  From DEEWEE  - 2017

Soulwax, are an alternative rock/electronic band from Ghent, Belgium, composed of David Dewaele, Stephen Dewaele and Stefaan Van Leuven formed in 1995

8-Dollyrots- “Babbling Idiot” - off  Whiplash Splash - 2017

The Dollyrots is an American pop punk band composed of Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas formed in 2000

9- Your Old Droog- “Bangladesh (feat. Heems)” - off “PACKS”  - 2017

Your Old Droog is a Ukrainian-American rapper from Brooklyn, New York

10- Japandroids- “Midnight to Morning” - off “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life”  - 2017

Japandroids are a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, consisting of Brian King and David Prowse. Formed in 2006

11- Speedometer- “African Bushfire” - off “Downtown Funk 74”  - 2017

Speedometer has been at the forefront of the British funk scene since 1999. Acknowledged for their authentic 70s sound live shows, they mix funk, latin and soul from all over the world.

12- Danny Brown- “Clean Up” - off “Old”  - 2013

Daniel Dewan Sewell, better known by his stage name Danny Brown, is an American hip hop recording artist from Detroit, Michigan.


Tom’s Pick - Billy Ocean - “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going” from 1985’s LOVE ZONE - featured in 1986’s The Jewel of the Nile.

Video -

“The music video alone is pure 80’s GOLD. Danny Devito Saxophone Solo - Yes Please!"

Ty’s Pick - Prince - “When Doves Cry” off  the 1984 Purple Rain soundtrack

First album  to feature his backing band The Revolution, It was released on June 25, 1984. To date, it has sold over 22 million copies worldwide, making it the sixth-best-selling soundtrack album of all time.


Stay tuned for future episode of OH NO RADIO SHOW's THE EARFUL and make sure to check out these artists online if you liked any of the tracks you heard on today's show. Also if there are songs, artists or albums you think we should be listening to please leave them in the comments!



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