The Earful Episode 20


Welcome everyone to THE EARFUL, a delicious piece of new content from the minds over at the OH NO RADIO SHOW. This bonus show will feature a countdown of songs we have been enjoying within our ONRS community giving you all a taste of musical variety and maybe even turning you onto to something you'll like! We hope to do these shows often and would love your feedback and input as well on what we should be listening to. With this being our freakin 20th episode of the earful we lay it down the only way we prefer to and that is by double dipping it in some FUNK. So join us for 20 Thousand Earfuls Under The Funk and rounding out the first season of Oh No Radio Show's The Earful. Stay tuned for the preimere of Season 2 soon with special guests, new segments and 12 weekly tracks of tasty tunes. Thanks to all our bad ass listeners, Cheers to those ears, See ya soon.

Tracks played on this episode of The EARFUL:

Top of the show - “This is Oh My Funk” by Rodriguez Attack- off Oh My Funk Vol.1 - 2009

1 -Soul Scratch  - “Odessa Heat” -  off Pushing Fire - 2017

Soul Scratch is a hard hitting groove machine, built in LA's San Fernando Valley, on a mission to save the world from mediocrity. In short, this is not your mother's soul band.

2 -The Bees - “The Russian” - off Free The Bees - 2004

The Bees are an English band from Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. Although their sound is generally classified as indie rock or psychedelic rock, the band have a colourful range of styles and influences

3- Jungle Fire -  “La Kossa” - off Jambu - 2017

JUNGLE FIRE digs deep into afro/latin funk with an approach that is both authentic and highly explosive!

4- Connie Price & The Keystones -  “International Hustler” off Tell Me Something - 2008

Connie Price and the Keystones is a project helmed by guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Dan Ubick from Los Angeles, California who combine influences of funk, hip-hop and soul.

5- Kung Fu - “Primetime Rib” - off Joyride- 2016

Kung Fu draws on influences such as early Headhunters and Weather Report, and merges those ideas with a contemporary EDM informed sensibility.  Imagine 70's funk-fusion meets a modern dance party!

6- Cro-Magnon - “Sparkling” - off Great Triangle - 2007

Cro Magnon is a three piece band project from members of the legendary Japanese hip-hop act, Loop Junktion

7- Pimps of Joytime - “Reverend Soul” - off Third Wall Chronicles- 2017

Pimps of Joytime is a soul band from Brooklyn and New Orleans.

8- The Grits - “I’d Walk a Funky Mile” off Make a Sound - 2014

The Grits play raw, rare psychedelic funk from Brighton England.

9-Thundercat - “Oh Sheit it’s X” - off Apocalypse- 2013

Stephen Bruner, better known by his stage name Thundercat, is an American multi-genre bass guitarist, producer and singer from Los Angeles, California.

10-Instant Funk - “Scream and Shout” - off Witch Doctor - 1979

Instant Funk were an American 1970s and 1980s disco band, best known for their disco classic, "I Got My Mind Made Up"

11 - The Funk Ark -  “Man Is a Monster” off Man is a Monster - 2014

DC-based Afro-beat Funk Band

12 - The Motet - “123” off The Motet - 2014

The Motet is an American funk, afrobeat and jazz influenced group based in Denver, Colorado

MY JAM - “Favorite 90’s Dance Floor Jam”

Tom’s Pick - “Rhythm of the Night ” by Corona

Ty’s Pick - “We Like to Party!” by Vengaboys

Make sure to check out all the past episodes of THE EARFUL over at OUR PAGE RIGHT HERE! Stay tuned for future episodes and make sure to check out these artists online if you liked any of the tracks you heard on today's show. Also if there are songs, artists or albums you think we should be listening to please leave them in the comments!


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