The Earful Episode 33


Welcome everyone to THE EARFUL!. If you've never tuned in before we are a music countdown show from the minds over at OH NO RADIO SHOW hosted by Tom Barile and Ty Whicher. This bonus show features 12 tracks every week of some of our favorite music new and old. Maybe you've heard some stuff and maybe you haven't so we hope to supply a healthty dose of jams for our audience every week to keep that daily soundtrack on point. If you're listening to anything we should be please make sure to hit us up over at our Facebook Page and drop us a track! Also all our episodes playlists are available to stream over at our SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS!! Enjoy and Cheers to those Ears!!

Tracks played on this episode of The EARFUL:

1 - Everything Is Recorded- “Wet Looking Road (feat. Giggs)” -  off Everything Is Recorded by Richard Russell - 2018

Supergroup created by Richard Russell an English record producer and the owner of British record label XL Recordings

2 - NEIL FRANCES  - “These Days” - off These Days - Single- 2018

“LA based production duo NEIL FRANCES are hooking us in right, left and centre with their upbeat tempo, slick groove and magnetic electronica.”

3- Il Teatro Degli Orrori-  “Dio mio” - off Dell'impero delle tenebre - 2007

Il Teatro degli Orrori is an Italian noise rock band from Venice.

4- James Wyatt Crosby -  “Pray On It (Instrumental)” off Twinstrumentals - 2018

James Wyatt Crosby James Wyatt Crosby is a multi-genre musician, producer and recording artist from Southern Ontario, Canada

5- Whiskey Shivers - “Cluck Ol' Hen” - off Some Part of Something - 2017

FROM THE BAND’S BANDCAMP: ”As legend has it (depending on whom you ask, or whoever is telling the story), Austin quintet Whiskey Shivers formed around 2009. Some say they were hatched in a woodpile. Others say they tumbled out of one-a them rancid whiskey bottles and frightened the locals. But mostly, it was a talented bunch of musicians who figured they’d make great music together." 

6- Kody Nielson - “Ruban's Birthday” - off Birthday Suite - 2018

Auckland singer and producer Kody Nielson has maintained a fascinating and multifaceted career of musical projects for more than a decade. He’s explored cybernetic pop as Silicon, collaborated with partner Bic Runga on psychedelic guitar group Opossum, worked with brother Ruban Nielson on Unknown Mortal Orchestra and of course blew away local audiences as frontman of pioneering punk band the Mint Chicks.

7- Jean Tonique - “The Party (feat. Dabeull)” - off Well Mannered Frivolity - 2018

Drawing comparisons to artists like Kaytranada and Pomo, French producer and multi-instrumentalist Jean Tonique is one of the most hyped up and coming artists

8- Bishop Nehru - “Rooftops” off  Rooftops - Single- 2018

Markel Scott , better known by his stage name Bishop Nehru, is an American rapper and record producer from Nanuet, New York.

9 - Shirt - “Snowbeach” - off  Pure Beauty - 2018

Multi-talented Queens-based rapper SHIRT who recently signed to jack White’s Label.

10- Walter Martin- “Too Cold to Waterski” - off Reminisce Bar & Grill - 2018

Walter Martin is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. He is best known as a member of the indie rock band The Walkmen

11 - Marcus Marr - “Rocketship” off Familiar Five - EP- 2018

Marcus Marr is a DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist from London, UK

12 - Belle and Sebastian -  “Poor Boy” off How to Solve Our Human Problems, Pt. 3 - EP - 2018

Belle and Sebastian are a Scottish band formed in Glasgow in January 1996


Track - “Right Down The Line”

Original by Gerry Rafferty (of Steeler’s Wheel)

Cover by Lucius

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