The Earful Flava Fav Tracks 2017 - Year in Review


Whelp see ya later 2017! Been a hell of a year of music and has led to the initial first year and season plus of THE EARFUL! Take a listen to Ty and Tom's personal favorite tracks off over 25 Earful Episodes. Thanks to all our listeners and we hope you all have a rockin' New Year! Make sure to check out all past episodes over at - Cheers to your Ears! Bring on the jams for 2018.

You can grab the entire Playlist over at Spotify and Apple Music at the links Below!



Stay tuned for future episodes and make sure to check out these artists online if you liked any of the tracks you heard on today's show. Also if there are songs, artists or albums you think we should be listening to please leave them over on our Facebook Page 




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